A Special Exhibition "The NINJA - who were they?" 

* This exhibition has ended. Thank you for visiting.

Contents of the Exhibition

The Ninja Lab

This corner introduces the Ninja through various forms of media, including manga, films, and novels. Uncover the "True Ninja" by finding clues in the Ninja chronological table and historical materials such as the ninjutsu manuscripts from the Edo era titled "Mansenshukai"

Experiencing the three stages of training - "Let's become Ninja!"

Jumping power and to jump over sunflowers

Stage1: Improve your body
Learn about the basic movements of the Ninja such as the nuki movement that has been passed down to the traditional martial arts that are still practiced today. Here, visitors can experience how to walk and jump like Ninja, use shuriken to strike a target from three meters, and experience training of the senses including sight, hearing, smell, and touch. This section also introduces these training techniques from the perspective of sports science and neuroscience.

Shinobi-ashi - tiptoeing silently, Nanba-aruki - effortless walking,
Throwing Shuriken, Sharpen your five senses

Improve your skills

Stage2: Enhance your skills
The Ninja possessed diverse skills and knowledge, including medicines and handling various instruments and tools, that allowed them to complete their missions. The ways they interpreted the weather, determined directions and read a terrain were scientifically accurate. This section features a wide range of comprehensive skills including: disguise and invisibility for infiltration and collecting information, communication skills in order to convey the information they gathered, and memory skills for bringing the information back. Visitors can experience training in all of these skills.

Meteorology, Finding direction, Hide yourself from the enemy,
Know the time, Collecting and communicating information

The NANJA Great Falls

Stage3: Perfect your mind
EEG experiments (using brain waves analysis) have shown that the Ninja technique called "in wo musubu", consisting of making symbolic hand postures with the fingers and reciting a mantra, is effective in calming the mind. This corner introduces the symbolic hand postures, which, when combined with Ninja breathing technique, lead to a heightened focus and enhance mental concentration. With the help of the special video shown at the venue, practice the nine symbolic postures (Rin, Pyo, To, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen) and experience the Ninja's way of preparing their mind in order to demonstrate their full power during dangerous situations.

Making symbolic hand postures with your fingers, breathing, meditation

Ninja Certification

All visitors who attend this exhibition will receive the Ninja Certificate issued by the Japan Ninja Council.

Special Exhibition