Warnings from Mammoth - Burning Forest, Melting Earth -Exhibition Outline

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Warnings from Mammoth - Burning Forest, Melting Earth -

At the Expo 2005 Aichi Japan, attempts were made to solve the mysteries of the relationship between life and the environment. Many consider the actual frozen mammoth as a valuable source of knowledge, and a crystallization of "Nature's Wisdom." At Miraikan, we provide the visitors with the opportunity to intensely ponder on humans and their environment with a new perspective as offered through the latest in science and technology. We will provide explanations, from the perspective of science, on the natural environment of Siberia, where the mammoth rested, as we compare human behavior of today and human life of ancient times, as well as evaluate the conditions which caused the mammoth to go extinct.

What is the message the mammoth, this extinct, large-sized mammal is trying to tell us? We will introduce various research projects underway that intend to evaluate our environment to unravel the warming phenomenon which is affecting the vast polar region of today's Siberia. We will conduct our inquiries with the most modern scientific tools.

During the event, symposiums and presentations by scientists are planned on the topic of the crisis of global warming, and the mystery of sudden wildlife extinction, that so adversely affected this mammoth and his kind.

<Exhibition Features>

The overall exhibition is composed of events which will cause us to think about the future as they suggest what we need to do now to avoid the mammoth's fate.

1. Understanding the mammoth
What is the mammoth? The image of mammoth will be portrayed from the information which was obtained from fossils, etc. In addition, you will be presented with information designed to develop an understanding of the possibility of clone reproduction and the positioning of the mammoth as an organism, a feat now entirely possible through recent DNA research. The actual teeth and the tusk of the mammoth, which are available to touch, will be exhibited.
2. The mystery of the mammoth's extinction
Through scientific investigation, we will try to clarify the earth's past environment, the cause for a mass extinction, by learning more about the climate that existed when the mammoths roamed. The speculated mystery behind extinction and what humans might have done toward the extinction of the mammoth will be unraveled. We will endeavor to uncover the mystery of what humans did to the natural environment and explore what that did to the ancient mammoths.
3. Meet the mammoth
The environment of the Republic of Sakha, where the mammoth was found, will be introduced. The thaw of the permanently frozen soil, which is beginning to melt due to global warming, allowed the mammoth to be discovered. The opportunity to discern a message from the mammoth, from the startling appearance from this ancient world mammoth, is right there, as you confront him.
4. The mammoth which appeared today
The mammoth appeared at this period of time due to the melting of the permanently frozen soil. The phenomenon of global warming will be introduced through the display of real time data and impressive images depicting the influence of human activity on the environment and the influence of global warming on the polar environment, captured by what is referred to as an environment sensor.
5. Efforts toward the prevention of global warming
In Siberia, global warming and large-scale forest fires due to human activity are frequently occurring. This activity leads the region into a negative spiral, which accelerates further global warming. How are scientists attempting to halt this tremendous damage and what kind of steps are they taking to rescue the region from this current situation? We will look at what we can do as we explore the efforts now underway by scientists.
6. Message zone
What are the messages received from the mammoth through the attending of the exhibition and encountering an actual denizen of an ancient past? And what kind of message will we pass on to the future as a result? The messages generated by everybody concerned will be collected, shared and transmitted to the future.
July 1 (Sat.) - September 3 (Sun.), 2006
1F Event Zone, Miraikan
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Adults: 1,500 yen, 18 years old and under: 900 yen (Can also view the permanent exhibits.)/Group discount available
*Free admission for up to two children age 6 and under per one adult.
*Free admission for those in possession of a Disability Book and one accompanying person.
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