Special Exhibition 'Fear Research: Science in "Haunted House"'

* This exhibition has ended. Thank you for visiting.

'Fear Research: Science in "Haunted House"' Exhibition Outline

Haunted House

The emotion of "Fear" is still filled with mystery. How is fear created and how does it remain in our memories? How can we overcome our fears that we hold today? First of all, what does fear mean to us? To these questions, cutting-edge brain science is beginning to come up with answers.
Everyone has had the urge to run away from fear. That feeling is also important. Unless you respond to fear correctly, you will make the wrong judgment in survival. Fear is an essential emotion for survival.
First you will face fear in the haunted house. After that you will check out the cutting-edge research on fear. Why don't you think and learn about fear, as you face fear at Miraikan's haunted house? Our "ghosts" will help you along in that!


April 22 (Wed.) - June 22 (Mon.), 2009
Opening Hours:
10:00 - 17:00 (Please enter at least 30 minutes before closing time.)
* Museum hours are 10 am - 6 pm during May 2 - 6.
Every Tuesday * Opened on May 5
1F Exhibition Space a, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Admission Fees:
1,200 yen, 18 years old and under: 500 yen
Groups (8 or more people) Adults: 1,000 yen, 18 years old and under: 400 yen
Friends of Miraikan: Adults: 700 yen, 18 years old and under: 300 yen
* Permanent Exhibition can also be viewed.
* Free admission for children that have not yet entered elementary school.
Notes for visitors:
People in the following categories should refrain from entering.
-People who are pregnant or may be pregnant
-People with high blood pressure or neck, spine or heart ailments
-People who feel unwell or anxious
-People who are intoxicated
-People taking medicine that may make them drowsy or inattentive
-People sensitive to loud noises or strong lights
-People with children in their arms
*Exits are provided for those visitors who wish to leave the haunted house area early. If you feel unable to continue because you are frightend or feel unwell, please use on of these exits.
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Special Exhibition