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This interactive board allows you to access various Earth observation data collected from domestic and international scientists and research institutes. Thirteen boards in different sizes will be aligned on the exhibition floor and you can search for information on the scale of the Earth with an easily operated touch panel.


The content, regularly updated, covers areas such as seasonal changes in ecology, climate change, and the predicted future image of the Earth’s environment. You can also view detailed data for an even deeper understanding, find relationships between data and discover new perspectives of the Earth based on your search. In addition, group use is possible thanks to the large size of the Geo-Scope. You can search for new ways to see the Earth as you discuss your findings with each other.
Miraikan designed this exhibition to become a transmission point for data concerning the current status of the Earth.

Introduction of Contents

青矢印.gifAerial view of Tokyo in transition [Geospatial Information Authority of Japan]
The transition of the scenery of cities where people live is a mirror that reflects human activities. Here you can see the transition in districts such as Odaiba, Roppongi, and Shinjuku through a series of aerial photographs.

青矢印.gifForest fires [Wataru Takeuchi Lab., Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo]
Forest fires captured by satellites. Many of them are fires that were caused purposely by human such as "slash and burn" farming. Fires that exceed the restorative capacity of the forest will lead to serious decrease in forests.

青矢印.gifThe habitat of the Great Mormon [Masahiko Kitahara, Yamanashi Institute of Environmental Sciences]
Great Mormon is a butterfly that lives in the subtropical zone and has never been seen anywhere except Kyushu. It is thought that its habitat area has expanded as a result of the rise in temperature due to global warming.

青矢印.gifWorld Earthquakes [U. S. Geological Survey]
This map shows the seismic activities on the globe. Earthquakes gave us clues in investigating the Earth interior. Frequent earthquakes coincide with the boundaries of the tectonic plates, where volcanic activities are also extensive. Here you can track daily data from 1-Jan-2010 to 31-Mar-2011.

Aerial view of Tokyo in transition

Forest fires

The habitat of the Great Mormon

World Earthquakes
© U.S. Geological Survey


One way to start the Geo-Scope is to use the “Theme Block”. When the block is placed on the large size Geo-Scope, animation movie starts, then take you to story-related world maps. Having those items we see in our daily lives as a starting point, you will gradually expand your perspective to a global scale data.

Theme Block
“Human,” “bird,” “train,” “satellite,”
and “cat fish” silhouettes are depicted.