TOP | Special Exhibition "Making of Tokyo Sky Tree®- Welcome to the construction site in the sky -"


Tokyo Sky Tree® 's amazing progress over the last two and a half years towards its final height of 634 meters has been stunning. To build the tallest freestanding tower in the world, the Tokyo Sky Tree team has met and overcome the daunting challenges involved with design, materials, building concerns, and the reality of process. The Tokyo Sky Tree is an accomplishment derived from the constructive combination of Japanese dreams and technologies.
Here the Tokyo Sky Tree design and construction members gathered for the premiere of the exhibition dedicated to sharing the project's progress. Thanks to valuable archival 3-D footage, documents, and some of the actual machinery involved, you can enjoy a special, unique exhibition filled with enthusiastic perspectives from the construction site.
Experience a once-in-a-hundred years project and encounter the future through landscapes and vantage points only few construction specialists have the privilege to see. Enter into a world-class happening that reaches to the sky, the Tokyo Sky Tree.