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Exhibition Outline

Menu 3: Delicious Forever - Preservation Technology

menu3.jpgFrom ancient times, preserved food has been produced and eaten as a means of survival. From traditional food preservation methods to today's dry freezing, we will introduce the history of the food preservation technology. Also, we will introduce the development of space food which applies common preservation technology we see in our daily lives. Technological innovation suggests possibilities towards the future as it expands human activity and frontiers.

Wisdom to live (Traditional preservation of food and technology)

Wisdom to live (Traditional preservation of food and technology))manu3-1.jpg
We will introduce traditional preservation of food by methods that have been used as "wisdom of survival" from olden days such as salting, smoking and fermentation.

From Napoleon... (Canning and retort technology)

From Napoleon... (Canning and retort technology)menu3-2.jpg
The appearance of cans have changed the way food is thought of. We will introduce the retort technology created from the idea and history of canning.

Evolving cans! (Application of space engineering)

By applying the space engineering technology of NASA, resource reduction and weight saving without loss of durability have been actualized. We will introduce the cutting-edge science of modern canning.

Maintaining deliciousness (PET bottle technology)

The appearance of the PET bottle has greatly changed our lifestyle. We will learn about PET bottle technology which preserves fresh deliciousness in a safe manner.

As soon as possible! (Freezing technology)

As soon as possible! (Freezing technology)menu3-4.jpg
The preservation of "raw" materials was once a dream. However, with refrigeration and freezing technology, the scenes at the dinner table have greatly changed. How else is it possible to eat tuna SASHIMI at home whenever you desire?

Practically forever… Is there no expiration date!? (Freeze·drying)

Partially eternal, is there no expiration date!? (Freeze dry)menu3-5.jpg
Even though it is the same food, "dried squid" is different from "freeze-dried squid!" Let's find out about freeze drying that controls the water inside the food.

Technological innovation drives the “era”!

Space food development(c)NASA/JAXAmenu3-6.jpg
The technology used closely in our daily lives will accelerate the development of space food. As deliciousness continues as it exceeds the boundaries of time, the human frontier will expand to the faraway universe.