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Production Members


Narration: ARATA

ARATA is the designer of ELNEST CREATIVE ACTIVITY which is expanding its services throughout Japan. As a producer of active wear, he combines the beauty of practicality and his unique sense of fun. After he made his first appearance in "WONDERFUL LIFE," directed by Hirokazu Koreeda in 1998, he has participated in "DISTANCE," "PINGPONG," "AOI KURUMA (Blue Car)," etc. In 2008, he acted in director Koji Wakamatsu's "The Red Army," "Twentieth Century Boys," "Snakes and Earrings," and the NHK Special drama, "SAIGO NO SENPAN (Last War Criminal)." In addition to his appearances in films, he has expressed himself in various media such as writing magazine essays for over 10 years. His latest work is "Air Doll" (Directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, 2009).

Masanori Iuchi

Script/interpretation: Masanori Iuchi

A script writer and producer, Mr. Iuchi was born 1978 in Tokushima prefecture. He completed his masters degree in Keio University, Graduate School of Media and Governance. His independent film, which he produced during his student years, received wide acclaim in image forums, etc. Since then, he has worked as a director in various fields of genres such as TV programs, advertisements and animation. He was chosen as part of the production staff for the preparation of the script for "Space Elevator" (shown at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, etc.). His expertise includes producing images shown in special spaces such as domes.



Solo project by Masumi Nishimura. In terms of production, she establishes a world of colorful sound where melodic sounds intertwine with a strong drum groove. Her live performance style creates a gentle ambience and a wide range of beats from even kick to down beat using real time editing with dub mix. Her DJ technique that daringly plays a sound source that emerges and is interpreted from the live sounds received great reviews from her performance in various party scenes with all kinds of styles of music. In addition to her music activity, she engages in diverse activities such as engineer work, remixes, art direction and the management of her private label "PLAIN MUSIC."

Takashi Yamaguchi

Title image: Takashi Yamaguchi

Image creator/artist. Conducts production for commercials, music videos and media art that includes programming.
He earned high recognition domestically and internationally with his participation in "Roppongi Crossing 2007" and his prize winning CG in SIGGRAPH.
He started an irregular trio of drum duo plus an interactive image, "d.v.d," starting in 2006. He released his first DVD + CD "01>01," and was recognized as the winner of the Honorary Mention Award for Prix Ars Electronica 08.

Yoshiaki Taniguchi

Edited by: Yoshiaki Taniguchi (Director of Research Center for Space and Cosmic Evolution, Ehime University)

Born in Asahikawa city, Hokkaido in 1954, Mr. Taniguchi completed his masters in Astronomical Science, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University. Afterwards, he worked as an assistant for the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory in 1987 and as an assistant for Institute of Astronomy, School of Science, The University of Tokyo in 1988. He attained his present post after working as an associate professor for the Astronomical Science, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University in 1991.
Specializes in cosmophysics and galactic astronomy. His books are "COLOR BAN UTYUU WO YOMU (Reading the Universe (color version))" (Chuokoron-shinsha), "ANKOKU UTYUU NO NAZO (Mystery of Dark Universe)," "QUASAR NO NAZO (Mystery of Quasar)" (Kodansha) and "MONSTER UTYUU GARI (Galactic Monster Hunting)" (NTT Publishing).

Sound design:
Masayuki Yamamoto

Sound effects:
Kouta Matsubara

Music cooperation:
Rei Harakami

Earth CG:
Hirotaka Nakayama

Sun CG:
Masaru Hirohashi (Astrolab)

Programming cooperation:
Hisashi Nishimura

Simulation image provided by:
Four-dimensional Digital Universe Project, NAOJ

-Formation of moon-
Takaaki Takeda
Robin M. Canup (Southwest Research Institute) (Giant impact)
Takaaki Takeda (NAOJ) (Accumulation of the moon)

-Formation of terrestrial planet-
Hitoshi Miura(Musashino Art University)
Eiichiro Kokubo (NAOJ)
Hidenori Genda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

-Formation of galaxy-
Takaaki Takeda and Sorahiko Nukatani
Takayuki Saito (NAOJ)

-Large-scale structure of universe-
Takaaki Takeda (NAOJ)
N body simulation:
Hideki Yahagi (Kyushu University)
Galaxy Model:
Masahiro Nagashima (Kyoto University)

MEGASTAR-II cosmos Development/production:
Takayuki Ohira, Scientific Tsukuba Co., Ltd.

Four-dimensional Digital Universe Project, NAOJ (4D2U)
Science Culture Promotion Unit of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
WALK Co., Ltd.
E & S
Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.
Musicmine Inc.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

[Live version] Script/interpretation:
Chisa Mitsuhashi (Science communicator of National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation)

Technical director:
Naoya Sato

Nae Morita

Technical support:
Takashi Wada
Hiroyasu Muraishi
Takuya Shimada