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c)4D2U Project, NAOJ
(c)4D2U Project, NAOJ
c)4D2U Project, NAOJ
(c)4D2U Project, NAOJ

Birthday - A story presented for those who wonder about "the Beginning"


The story links day-to-day ordinary scenery with the vast expanse of the universe.
The journey begins from an apple and moves out from the earth, beyond to the solar system, and further into the immensity of the galaxy and beyond, as it draws us closer to the beginning of the universe.
The simple rule that runs through the universe will be unraveled.

- The 3D images that cover a 360-degree view and MEGASTAR-II cosmos vie with each other for your attention -

Visitors can experience the sense of floating in space, which can only be actualized by Japan's first All Sky super high precision 3D image system "Atmos." By using special goggles, visitors can feel the newborn galaxy crossing in front of you and also experience a realistic sensation where you can almost touch these distant stars. Furthermore, this presentation enhances the imagery of realistic stars as projected by the MEGASTAR-II cosmos, a planetarium recognized by the Guinness World Book of Records, which is also a part of the attraction.

- The latest science and technology to stimulate your senses -

Numerous beautiful and dynamic images of the universe can be seen throughout the program. These were created based on computer simulation data by the 4D2U Project of NAOJ. Images that touch the hearts of people have been created through the latest research results that blend high precision observation, complex theory and first class visualization technology.

- Soundscape which expands the imagination -

The actor, ARATA, who is active mainly in movies, will direct us to a totally new space experience. His gentle but convincing voice will invite us into the other world.
The next generation artist INNER SCIENCE will perform visionary music. The glamorous sound with its swinging rhythm will create a gentle ambience.
The world of finely built sound expressed with 7.1 ch will create a sensation of nostalgia coupled with euphoria.