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Introduction of Relative Goods


ARATA Comment

"BIRTHDAY Official Guide Book + Sound Track" 

It is a special package filled with the attraction of "BIRTHDAY." It is perfect for remembering the dynamic space experience at Dome Theater GAIA.
It is also perfect as a "birthday gift" for yourself and to those who are important to you.


【Guide Book】
It includes the complete scenario (Japanese/English) of "BIRTHDAY" which introduces the story of cutting-edge science.
Half of the side is a special poster where the overall 3D visual has been made into 2D.

【Audio CD】
Contains the original music of "BIRTHDAY" by the next generation artist INNER SCIENCE and the fully recomposed version of all music "BIRTHDAY Reprise."
The unique sound and rhythm sophisticatedly intertwine with each other and creates a world of ambience... It is perfect to refer to it as the "soundtrack of the beginning of the universe."

CD total time: 41 min.
Poster size: A2 (vertical)
Price: 2,100 yen (tax included)
Sold by: Musicmine
* Movies not included

How to purchase:

It is available at the Miraikan Museum Shop.
Museum Shop, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Tel: +81-3-3529-5781
FAX: +81-3-3599-2140