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Behind the Work

"BIRTHDAY - What Links the Universe and Me -" is a story that identifies the link between the elements which compose our bodies - which includes all substance, including the Earth - and the universe.
The single most important moment in time occurred at the creation of the universe. Let us introduce the 3 important keywords that link us to the universe and which also appear in the program.



Gravity is a force that mutually attracts substances with mass. In addition to the Earth and sun, all celestial bodies, including the galaxy, a collection of several hundred billion stars, move based on this power. The gravitating force becomes stronger as the mass of substance is larger; therefore, in space, this momentum helps the celestial bodies to grow larger. Since the birth of the universe, this gravity has controlled the formation of all kinds of stars and it is thought of as a key force that will determine what the universe will be like in the far future.

Dark matter

"Dark matter"

Dark matter is an unknown substance that scientists believe to exist. From the simulation results of observations of celestial motions of the galaxy, etc., we have found that unless there isn't a mass worth 5-6 times of substance known hidden somewhere, it would have been impossible for our galaxy and the solar system to have been created. The principal matter of that hidden mass is called "dark matter." The true identity of dark matter is unknown but it is thought of as unknown elementary particles and non-luminous bodies such as giant black holes, etc.

Elementary particle
Illustration: Shinji Abe

"Elementary particle"

An elementary particle is the smallest unit that composes substance. Immediately after the birth of the universe, atoms and nuclei were created based on this elementary particle. The atoms (mainly hydrogen) created in the beginning of the universe have been collected through gravity and have evolved into a first generation star (fixed star). Furthermore, the atoms that have been synthesized through atomic fusion within that star have also been collected with gravity over a long time and have become the foundational element of all things, including both organisms and non-organisms, that exist in the universe at this moment.

Science has approached the untouchable "universe" through various methods. In addition to the "Observation," "Theory," and "Experiment" process that has been used since olden times, today "Simulation" through supercomputers has become a strong tool. How are things in space created? The material thought to exist at the early period of universe is calculated based on the laws of physics and we will see whether it is possible to create planets, fixed stars and galaxies. Of course, in the actual universe, it takes about several hundred million years to form a galaxy.

However, the merit of a simulation is that it allows us to fast-forward the computer and examine our theory. We will unravel the common rule of how stars and galaxies are formed as we conduct verification of theories in this way.