Miraikan held a workshop for science center educators from six countries. "Picture Happiness on Earth" TSUNAGARI project

Over three days from Monday, September 28, to Wednesday, September 30, the Workshop for Science Center Educators at Miraikan was held as a part of the "Picture Happiness on Earth" TSUNAGARI project. The objective of this project is to provide an opportunity for junior high and high school students from the Asia-Pacific region to create content for the "Geo-Cosmos", a globe-like display, focusing on the theme: What is happiness? As the first step for the project, Miraikan held a workshop for science center educators from abroad, who will lead the project in their own countries, to enhance their understanding of the project's concept and how to proceed.

Workshop to explore what kind of happiness they want to pursue in their countries Educators making a presentation at the workshop Participants viewing the full content for the "Geo-Cosmos"

On the first day, the science center educators from Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore introduced themselves and their science centers and conducted a workshop to explore what kind of happiness they want to pursue in their countries. On the second day, participants viewed the full content for the "TSUNAGARI" tools, which contain various scientific data, with explanations from science communicators at Miraikan, and then prepared presentations based on the content, with a focus on a given theme. Those presentations were made on the last day, with some of the content for the "TSUNAGARI" tools incorporated. Diverse views on happiness were proposed by the participating educators, such as "to have improved social infrastructures, including transportation systems," "to create a society where people with various cultural backgrounds can coexist," and "to value time spent with family by keeping a good work-life balance."

The participating educators will plan and carry out workshops in their countries based on the experience gained through those three days. Expectations for future developments are high, making us wonder how junior high and high school students in each country will perceive and communicate diverse views on happiness that have been presented in the workshop. Miraikan will continue to provide support for workshops held at the science centers in the six countries by such means as having online meetings on a regular basis.

"Picture Happiness on Earth" TSUNAGARI Project
This project engages teenagers from six Asia-Pacific countries to analyze global issues from multiple scientific and ethical perspectives, work with scientific data and create digital content. Supported by Bloomberg, a news, business and financial information provider, workshops will be held in Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore utilizing the unique "TSUNAGARI data visualization tools.