Geo-Cosmos Content Contest entries open

The Geo-Cosmos Content Contest (GC3), started in 2014, aims to explore new possibilities and methods of expression for Miraikan's symbol exhibit, the spherical display Geo-Cosmos. The entries for the 3rd GC3 have just opened today, and are welcome until 6:00 pm (JST), February 15th, 2017. The theme of the 3rd GC3 is "Invisible reality".

There are 3 categories in the 3rd GC3: "Movie category", "Live Content category" and "Idea category". The winning work in the "Movie category" and the "Live Content category", will be screened, for one year, on the Geo-Cosmos as permanent contents and will also be published on Miraikan's official website and will be introduced in other media as well. In the "Idea category" all works that pass the preliminary assessment will be displayed in Miraikan for one year in the form of an information panel.
We are calling for proposals, and welcome your creative idea to utilize the Geo-Cosmos!

Please see the website for the Application, Award and Prizes, Judges, the Geo-Cosmos and other details.