Miraikan launches "Picture Happiness on Earth" TSUNAGARI Project

Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) today announces the launch of "Picture Happiness on Earth" TSUNAGARI Project , a project engaging teenagers from six Asia-Pacific countries to analyze global issues from multiple scientific and ethical perspectives, work with scientific data and create digital content. Supported by Bloomberg, a news, business and financial information provider, workshops will be held in each of the six countries.
Miraikan started the "TSUNAGARI Project" in 2011 so individuals can discover personal relationships to this planet of life, and, with others, search for solutions to challenges facing all life forms to ensure the sustainability of our Earth. In collaboration with science centers in Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, the workshops utilize the unique "TSUNAGARI data visualization tools". The workshops will provide opportunities for participating teenagers to develop an understanding of different value systems and the necessary scientific thinking to solve challenges humanity faces daily, such as what needs to happen to bring about a future in which 10 billion people can live happily? The program will examine this question with participating teenagers, who are the future, and communicate the results.
The results of this project will be announced at the Science Centre World Summit to be held at Miraikan in 2017. Miraikan will continue to introduce activities to solve issues on a global scale and to act as a center for science communication for the Asia-Pacific region and the world.
Sponsor: Bloomberg L.P.*

Science centers in six countries participating in this project (as of September 2015)

China Science And Technology Museum (Beijing, China)
The Mind Museum (Manila, Philippines)
Petrosains (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Scitech (Perth, Australia)
Science Centre Singapore (Singapore)
Shizuoka Science Museum Ru Ku Ru (Shizuoka, Japan)

Workshop Overview

Science center educators and teenagers in countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, will work together to create content for display on the "Geo-Cosmos". The theme of the project is "What is happiness?" Participating students will use the "TSUNAGARI tools" that contain many diverse visualizations of scientific data, and seek to define happiness for an Earth with 10 billion people.

Project Length
The project will be split into the three phases as listed below. The results of each phase will be passed on to the next, in a relay.
Period: September 2015-
*The schedule onwards will be published on the website as soon as it is determined.

Phase 1

Workshops for science center educators at Miraikan
Educators from various science centers in the Asia-Pacific region will be invited to Miraikan in order to learn how to run the workshops to be held in Phase 2. While learning more about the "TSUNAGARI tools" to be used in the workshops, the educators will share what social issues their countries face and build the workshop program together.
Period: September 28 - 30, 2015
Location: Miraikan
Participants: Six educators from collaborating science centers in Asia-Pacific countries, including Japan

Phase 2

Workshops to create the story for "Geo-Cosmos" visual content in six Asia-Pacific countries
Based in science centers in each country, the educators that participated in Phase 1 will hold workshops for students to create thematically appropriate stories which can be displayed visually on "Geo-Cosmos", using "Geo-Scope" and "Geo-Palette" tools. The results are to be released on a website, and the best story from each country/region will be selected and then produced into a "Geo-Cosmos" display in Phase 3.
Period: December 2015 - (Tentative)
Location: Collaborating science centers in Asia-Pacific countries, including Japan
Participants: Approx. 30 junior high and high school students from the country/region of the science center

Phase 3

Workshops to create "Geo-Cosmos" visual content at Miraikan
Based on the stories selected in Phase 2, video content for display on the "Geo-Cosmos" will be created. This phase is to be carried out with female students in Japan in order to increase their interest in and understanding of science and technology. Young emerging creators and artists are to provide the necessary technical and visual expression support during the production process.

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