"Laboratory for New Media" is closed due to exhibition renewal.
18th Exhibition "Activate Yourself - Project for lazy athletes" has terminated.

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18th Exhibition " Activate Yourself - Project for lazy athletes "

Do you get enough exercise?
Almost everybody agrees that exercise is good for health. Yet, still, why it is so hard to begin and persevere? If only there was something that would keep us motivated.
We have good news for all "lazy athletes", and with the help of new technology you may find yourself exercising before you notice.
The new exhibition introduces technology that is being developed to make "health innovation by daily exercise" a reality. Don specially designed underwear that gathers information about your body, and, with the help of a system of speakers capable of delivering sound to a predefined area, you can experience a future where anyone can become an active athlete.

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June 22 (Thu), 2017 - November 22 (Wed), 2017


Tadao Isaka (College of Sport and Health Science, Ritsumeikan University)

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