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<SCWS 2017: Parallel event> Temporary Exhibition "Beautiful Rice"

What can we do now in order to continue eating delicious rice tomorrow, in the next 100, and in the next 1,000 years? This exhibition explores the choices that we should make, and how we should use cutting-edge science and technology, taking into consideration the characteristics of the "Tsunagari system" (= A cyclical system that integrates animals, plants, and human beings), which has been developed over several thousands of years in rice paddies across Asia, and of modern agriculture with its high levels of productivity. This temporary exhibition embodies our hopes for lasting and sustained abundance of food for the people on Earth, and seeks to sow the seeds for the future.

Exhibition structure

The ecosystem of "Tsunagari"
The spirit of achieving sustained rice production without depleting natural resources lives and breathes in diverse practices, food, and faith, which are rooted in the climate of the rice cultivation areas in various parts of Asia. This section introduces specific examples of human wisdom and activities, based on an understanding of the cyclical system that integrates human, animals, and plants through rice paddies as the "Tsunagari system".

Lost "Tsunagari"
Modern agriculture brought about the realization of a level of productivity that can sustain larger populations, through means such as farm mechanization and the effective utilization of chemical fertilizers. This section focuses on a recognition of the current situation, including issues such as over-dependence on fossil fuels, and the deterioration of biodiversity in rice paddies.

Re-design "Tsunagari"
This section explores the direction of sustainable food production in the 21st century, in consideration of the structure of modern society with advancements in urbanization alongside with rising global population. It focuses on introductions to science and technology and approaches for reaching a breakthrough, from the perspective of symbiosis between Earth and human beings.

What kind of rice do you want to eat?
As individuals, we want to obtain delicious rice easily, don't we? While the Earth and human beings are also of great importance, we also place value on personal happiness. This section prompts visitors to consider what kind of rice they want to eat as individual consumers.

Exhibition Period
November 11 (Sat), 2017 - January 8 (Mon), 2018 (end date TBD)
1F, Communication Lobby, Miraikan
Free of charge
Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

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