You can see many faces of the Earth on the Geo-Cosmos, a giant globe-like display.

Geo-Cosmos Screening

29_tsunagaru_main_1.jpg "The Movements"

Based on the theme "Human Activities and Changes in Earth View," this screening traces the trajectory of human history through various forms of data related to the concept of "movement."
10:15 / 16:30 (Approximately 9 minutes)

29_tsunagaru_info_tsunagari.jpg Tsunagari -Feel the Earth-

The relations on the earth, such as the atmosphere, water and life which influences one another, will be introduced.
10:24 / 12:24 / 15:24 (Approximately 13 minutes)

29_tsunagaru_info_world.jpg "World Processor"

Created by Mr. Ingo Gunther, the "World Processor" is a project that illustrates various aspects of the Earth based on factual data.
13:32 (Approximately 3 minutes)

geo-cosmos_TheSearchingPlanet.jpg "The Searching Planet"

Visualizes people's questions and provides a lens through which to see our changing interests and desires.
11:15 / 13:15 / 16:15 (Approximately 9 minutes)

tsunagari_lifesupportingnetwork.jpg "A Life-Supporting Network (Live demonstration)"

Various data about life biodiversity is introduced on the Geo-Cosmos.
14:15 (Approximately 15 minutes)

20161121_tsunagari_PHE01.jpg Geo-Cosmos Content Contest the Grand Prize Works

We will announce the Grand Prize works in the "Movie category" and the "Live Content category" of this year's Geo-Cosmos Content Contests. The common theme of these works is "Invisible reality".
Movie "The Surface": 10:45 / 12:45 / 13:45 / 15:45 (Approximately 2 minutes)
Live Content "inside": 12:00 / 15:00 (Approximately 5 minutes)

tsunagari_PHE02.jpg "Picture Happiness on Earth 2016-17" Video Works

Six 2 minute visual works were created by Japanese female teenagers based on scenarios provided by students from countries of the Asia-Pacific region on the topic of "what is happiness".
Japan / New Zealand / Korea : 11:24 / 13:24 (Approximately 8 minutes)
Thailand / Australia / Taiwan : 12:15 / 15:15 (Approximately 9 minutes)
Picture Happiness on Earth Special Site

* Demonstrations are subject to change of time or cancellation. We ask for your understanding.

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