February 5, 2005 Guests

Guest : Ms. Feher Anettka (Astronaut candidate, TV personality of Budapest TV)

Ms. Feher Anettka is said to be the most famous TV personality in Hungary and is an astronaut candidate who is scheduled to conduct a space flight to the International Space Station (ISS) by 2010. She has continued her trainings in order to actualize space flight, which was her dream ever since she was a child and has already experienced microgravity flight and has passed the physical examination for 9G as well as a parachute drop test from a high altitude. She is really an energetic woman who will be engaging in serious training at "Star City" in Russia starting next month.
In the discussions held with director Mohri, as hints for her upcoming space flight, director Mohri shared the followings.
1. First, come up with the aim for the flight and its order of priorities.
2. Try not to think of doing everything perfectly.
3. Enjoy space flight.
As she replied how she was confident in fulfilling No.3, pleasant conversations took place.

At the exhibition space, Ms. Feher Anettka had listen to the director's explanations on the space experiment rack and habitation module with a twinkle in her eye. Also, scientist Dr. Grosz Andor (professor of space sciences), who had come along with her, showed interest in "Space classes."
It seems like during this time's visit, they were able to obtain great achievements in terms of searching for the possibilities of further space flight programs.

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